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Whether you own a business or your ministry is looking to expand its capabilities. Cornerstone Payment Systems is a trusted partner that shares your values. Some of our programs include:

  • Cornerstone Gateway Solutions
  • Processing With A Purpose


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    Cornerstone Gateway Solutions

    Our payment gateway is the engine that fuels communication and transmission of data in the payment process. It takes the request for payment and directs it to the appropriate entity to ensure that the payment is processed in the fastest way possible. Security is paramount during this process. Cornerstone Payment Systems employs proven technologies to transmit data safely and our best practices safe guard your data. Giving your business a trusted partner.

    Cornerstone Virtual Terminal™ and Shopping Cart™

    Our virtual terminal can process both credit card and ACH payments in one cost-effective system for authorizing and managing payment transactions over the Internet.

    Enjoy one time and recurring payment processing, flexible automated payment scheduling, online sales reporting, and fast responses and customer approvals.

    We handle all of your processing needs with the added convenience of 24/7 access. You will also have our advanced payment gateway to provide a secure and reliable system.

    The Cornerstone Virtual Terminal, shopping cart and product catalog are pre-integrated tools that merchants can use easily and immediately to process payments securely and efficiently.

    Already have a different system? We can integrate with most of the eCommerce gateway solutions on the market today. So whether you are a small business, large merchant or non-profit we can tailor a solution to your needs. Contact us today to see what Cornerstone can do for you?

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    Cornerstone offers a full compliment of merchant processing services for our clients. Through our Cornerstone Payment Systems Network, we authorize and settle transactions for all major credit cards.